Sight Installation: Completion Time 2 to 5 days (longer if special parts/tools needed)
Pro Clean Service: 2 to 5 days
General Repairs: 2 to 3 weeks
Warranty Returns to Manufacturers: 4 to 6 weeks, depending on Manufacturer

Minimum Charge
Per Firearm $25 

Shop Rate
Per Hour $60 (for all custom gunsmithing & machining services not listed)


We reserve the right to refuse work deemed to be unsafe. We DO NOT remove or deactivate firearm safeties. If test firing a firearm is requested or required, the test fire is performed using commercially loaded factory ammunition. We DO NOT perform test fires with hand loaded ammunition or surplus military ammunition. We DO NOT remove cosmoline. Parts affixed with epoxy or high strength Loctite will incur an additional charge. We DO NOT accept for service: Astra, Bryco, Cobra, Detonics, Jennings, Hi-Point and Safari Arms firearms, Remington ‘Nylon’ series firearms, obsolete, black powder & antique firearms, air pistols and air rifles. Unless originally sold by The Range - St. Louis West, we do not accept for service firearms manufactured by Century Arms, Navy Arms, North American Arms, Rossi, Steyr, Taurus or Uberti. In certain instances, due to the unavailability of spare parts, we reserve the right to return firearms to the manufacturer for repair, which could incur additional shipping and handling charges.

Pistol Gunsmithing Services

Common Items

Sight Installation (Basic Install only, No Alteration to the Firearm): Starting at $35.00
Free with sight purchased from The Range
Strip Clean (Most Makes and Models): $25.00
Trigger Installation (Apex, Geissele, Zev, ectc.): Starting at $35.00
General Troubleshooting (Evaluation): $15.00
We will call with estimate for parts and labor. Fee is waived if repairs are approved.
Repairs:$30.00/half hour
Parts are subject to tax.


Function check / safety inspection (test fire not included): $25.00
Function check / safety inspection - machine gun (test fire not included): $65.00
Function check / safety inspection and test fire (ammo not included): $35.00
Pro Clean (complete detail strip, ultrasonic clean, ultrasonic lube, parts inspection and reassemble): $50.00
Pro Clean - Machine Guns, ‘heavily accessorized’ AR15 rifles, .50BMG rifles: $75.00
Pro Clean Tactical Shotgun (detail strip, ultrasonic clean, ultrasonic lube, parts inspection, reassemble): $50.00
Pro Clean - Double Barrel Over/Under and Side-By-Side shotguns: $75.00
Test fire (ammo not included): $25.00
Test fire and sight in (ammo not included): $45.00


Prices Are Based On Modern Firearms and Subject to Change Based on the Individual Firearm and Work to be Completed!