The Range opened in November of 2015. This was the dream of John Henderson, our managing partner, to have a quality range, retail store and training facility under one roof and located in West County. John spent almost two years searching for a municipality that would allow such a business. Ballwin caught his vision and helped guide him in the process and location of this facility.

Together with financial partners The Range St. Louis West was a dream come true.

The Range St. Louis West has a total of three bays with 20 lanes, two general purpose and one tactical bay. Our two general purpose bays have seven lanes each for target practice. The six lane tactical bay is fully equipped with the latest and greatest targets including facing/silhouette, strobe light and many more.

Our full facility has about 5000 square feet of retail space and two expandable meeting/ training rooms. We also have a separate space for our state of the art simulator.

With 20 lanes (six of them state of the art tactical), 5000 square feet of beautiful retail space, a simulator housed in its own private room to allow for training and fun and exciting team events, and expandable training rooms and on site seasoned trainers to allow everything from getting your concealed carry (CCW) to advanced tactical to meet basic and advanced needs of our members.

Daily, monthly and annual memberships are available and our members can sign up to reserve lanes in advance and take advantage of discounts on range ammo and accessories.

Our Mission

The Mission of The Range St. Louis West is to arm, train, educate, prepare and serve its member and guests in recreational and defensive focused protection by providing exceptional service and experiences in our state-of-the-art facility.